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Shamani's Musik ist in vieler Hinsicht ungewöhnlich. Sie ist nicht festgelegt auf eine bestimmte Richtung, sie folgt den Stimmungen des Spielers, seiner mitunter sprunghaften und zu Extremen neigenden inneren Haltung. Es ist keine Schubladenmusik. Shamani's Musik verlangt nach Zuhörern, die offen sind für viele musikalische Stile. Jazz, Fusion, experimentelle Sounds, Noise, Pop-Rock, Avantgarde - die Bandbreite ist vielfältig. Die Vorliebe für lange Improvisationen kommt bei seiner Musik ebenso zur Geltung, wie abgestimmte Kompositionen.
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Releases in 2014

Welcome FUTURA - shamcd050 (June 2014)   The work is done! The 50th and last album of the shamani serial is a musical & rythmical experiment. 70 minutes of sound experiences at its best. So this Shamani-Goodbye is a Welcome on his way to the future. Some clips for your pleasure are  here

Shamani feat. THE ALPHIN PROJECT - shamcd049 (April 2014)   There was a lot of fun to produce this album. Head said: Let us make a few simple pieces. Thinker said: Nice and easy. Joker added: But not so complicated. Phantom grunted: Yeah. And so the journey began, without anyone had an accurate target or even a ticket. We recorded a number of different instrumental pieces, of which 14 tracks were finally selected.

Hadaikum - shamcd048 (March 2014)   This album includes one piece in two long tracks with improvisation for different organ sounds and drums. The music draws its sources from Jazz & contemporary music experiments. Hadaikum (Hadean) is the name for the first geologic eon of Earth more than 4500 million years ago. It must have been an inhospitable and deadly world for us. This music should be only for the initiated - and for the curious. Hard stuff again!

seele 9 bommf I&II - shamcd047 (February 2014)   One more time: This is another kind of brainmusic. A concept-album in three parts. Overall 17 tracks from experimental to ambitious music. And for the intellectuals among you there's a sonette from Master Shakespeare in part two (Music to hear, why hear'st thou music sadly?). Listen to three tracks here:
track 03 - mandelkow /  track 10 - dragon /  track 13 - under the ivory moon

Releases in 2013

Rapt - shamcd046 (Oktober 2013)   Here is another kind of brainmusic, recorded and mixed by the incomparable Shamani. Nine new pieces see the light of this world. A flashing sound, smashed by the gentle rapture of his master...Do you think this is music??? Than you've never heard the essence of it...Than you've never heard Shamani...Take a risk and listen: 
track01 - I've come to pick you up.mp3   
track03 - abandonment.mp3

IMIX - shamcd045 (April 2013)   This album includes only one piece. It has experimental sounds and some fine avantgarde artwork with a little peep to progrock & jazz. Well, its history has something to do with the people of the Maya, if you believe or not. But important is the music, the sound, the hymns. Here is a shortcut for your pleasure. Listen

Releases in 2012

Offline+ - shamcd044 (December 2012)   This album features 13 new tracks. The creation of this music was created by the addition of various samples and elegant techniques. Exploiting the digital contamination, shamani creates again an experimental sound and processed it in these 13 pieces. Listen to track 2  wacky guru and track 9  yoga joy. For the clips: YouTube under SHAMANIART.

Dizzy Cats & Tumbling Dogs - shamcd043 (July 2012)   Seven tracks in an R&B style with some psychedelic stuff. It's a guitar-oriented album with a solid base rhythm and fine improvisations. Right before Amy Winehouse died, the last track on this album was created. I dedicate the song to her. Listen to  Amy's Blues...

First Pinwheel Galaxy Contact - shamcd042 (February 2012)   Shamani became the first man went to the Pinwheel Galaxy. This album documents the various phases of the long journey. In the beginning was the call from afar. Then came the trip - an indescribable state, an inexplicable feeling. Finally, the first contact. Can we trust our senses yet? Then the encounter: Stirring, unintelligible, ecstatic. This is the music of our time...Shamani's on the heavy road. Please listen to the first track here

Releases in 2011

Le Murmure des étoiles lointaines - shamcd041 (November 2011)    This is an album of experimental music. Different sounds, samples, voices and music styles have been processed. There are also French texts, in which the composer Olivier Messiaen is incorporated by reference. The texts have surrealistic character. Each of the ten tracks takes six minutes.
As an example, you can hear the second piece  here.

All The Pleasures Of Our Time - shamcd039 (June 2011)    This album in the footsteps of his predecessor, but contains in addition to the guitar pieces two long sound collages. An old song by shamani is included in the title-track, but after all the years it sounds much different. Time distorts and destroys everything... Listen to a sample (from the last track "The Sufferings of Pleasure") for your - pleasure... And the first track ("Sushi girls") for your - amusement.............

Rainbow smashing - shamcd038 (February 2011)    This is an album including five tracks, recorded in december 2010. It is a guitar-album, because shamani plays only electric-guitar. This time shamani surprises with quiet sounds, which have been overdubed with effects and some samples. The music include spherical and experimentally parts. Listen to the track salacummba, it reflects a sense of the overall sound of the album.


Sources from X - shamcd040 (December 2010)
10-CD-Compilation (two boxes of five) "Sources" is a mixture of old tunes & songs and new material that was recorded between 1970 to 2010. This compilation contains hitherto unpublished material. The pieces are put together in no chronological order. The long work on the Cd's 6, 9 and 10 has been specially made for this album. The sound of some older recordings is of poor quality, yet they belong in this collection. All pieces are original compositions, except for "Suzanne" on CD 8. This piece was recorded sometime in the early 1970's by Shamani, accompanied only by acoustic guitar. The combination with M.R. Mortazawis Percussion and some sound-stuff was created in early 2010.

Ponk - shamcd037 (October 2010)   16 most simple and experimental pieces. Samples and collages have been used. Added rhythm and sound effects. The titles of the pieces reveal something of the imaginative production process.
In shamani's music there is no limit. No border. Anything is possible, even the impossible. Listen PONK and check for yourself if you can resist the impossible.

Yonder - shamcd036 (August 2010)   This four-track-album is made in December 2009. One more time it is a musical creation between the borders of different styles and sounds. The title-song is a 28minutes experiment with noises and harsh tones, made with the experience of so many years in sound-making. Overall, this album presents a more inward-looking music. Listen to a mp3 sample from the beginning of track one, called "Sermon"

Terra Incognita - shamcd035 (June 2010)   This is a one-track CD, a piece of nearly one hour, made in February 2010 by Shamani. Again with this piece exceeds Shamani spatial and acoustic limits. To imagine is both an extraterrestrial as well as an introverted "journey". More than music it is again another musical experience that may lead a listener into this imaginery "Terra Incognita". It is not music in the traditional sense. Maybe it is the sound of the future for a special event, a special meditation or a special way to live. In any case: This is Shamani in his very special element. Listen to the beginning (10 min.)

Constant motion - shamcd034 (2010)   Everything is in motion, every time. Sound and music are in motion; while you are listening, motion is inside yourself. On this CD are some more experimental-pieces which are located between the spheres. Earthly spheres, no supernatural. The poems of shamani be spoken by artificial beings.
shamani - so beautiful so sad So beautiful so sad - shamcd033 (2010)   This CD has eight Songs. Jazz-PopArt-Experimental-Music with words from some famous artists, who had a deep impression on shamani. A poem by Brecht gave the inspiration for the twenty minute Track eight.

Fool in the shade - shamcd032 (2009)   Seven long tracks, erveryone about ten minutes. Principal features: a continuous rhythm. From slow to fast tempo, a little bit drum & bass, and a lot of jazzy elements with extraordinary improvisations.
I will not live in boxes - shamcd031 (2009)  One more of shamanis sound-song-serial.
An eight-track album, most rhythmically with sounds of distortion & full of imaginary impressions. With lines of poetry which have been incorporated into the pieces, by two ladys from South-Afrika & USA.  
    interim Period  - shamcd030 (2009)
Seven pieces. Sound experiments again. Just like a walk into unheard-unseen landscape visions.
    Coma Berenices - shamcd029 (2009)
Seven-Track-Album made from parts of old shamani-productions, new-mixed and arranged as electronics. Coma Berenices is a Galaxy, it has stars like our sun, it has sounds, maybe like this.
    Hoist Point - shamcd028 (2009)
Five-Track-Album with electronic-sound after leaving the bulb. Free sample.
    Introspection - shamcd027 (2009)
Six-Track-EP with electronic-sound from the bulb. Are you ready?
Intermixture - shamcd026 (2008)
Compilation & Bonustracks
MUSIC FROM THE FAT-LIGHT shamcd025 (2006)
Pop-Art/Experimental/Ambient Jazz/Softnoise. Three samples for your pleasure...
TIME TO GET BLUE shamcd024  (2006) 
Jazz   two free samples
REVIVAL OF THE BLUE MONKS shamcd023  (2005) 
  BEST OF - REST of - LIFT OFF shamcd022  (2005)
THERAPY shamcd021 (2005)
HYPERSONIC shamcd020 (2004)
Hardcore Free-Jazz
JESTERS DREAM shamcd019  (2004)
Just simple music
REQUIEM shamcd018 (2004)  
Pop-Art, experimental
PLACES/BLACK SYMPHONY shamcd017  (2003)
Prog / Avantgarde
PEACE & DEVOTION shamcd016 (2003)
Softmusic for silent moments
LETTER TO BATH shamcd015  (2003)
Pop-Art-Songs. Remastered & Remixed in 2012. Listen to the title-track.
KLAVIER shamcd014  (2003)
Solo - Improvisation
THE NEXT CENTURY shamcd013  (2003)
Experimental Pop-Art
HEADCRASH shamcd012  (2003)
Experimental Pop-Art
OUTBURST shamcd011  (2002)
The Shamani 'Quartet' plays Free-Jazz.
INTERNAL REMEDY shamcd010  (2001)  
Rock/Modern - Jazz. Two free samples.
INTERNUM shamcd09  (2000)
FALLACY shamcd08  (1999)
Modern/Free Jazz
LAUD shamcd07  (1999) - Free Download des Stücks "Presentation" bei: edogm
Hardcore - Psychedelic Free-Jazz-Improvisation
In TRANCE shamcd06  (2000)
Pop-Art, experimental, film-music, soft-jazz. Two free samples for your pleasure...
ESHTIAQ shamcd05  (2000)  Belle Tristesse (4 MB)
 Softfusion, experimental, Pop-Art
KEIN ANSCHLUSS shamcd04  (2000)
Experimental, remixed from tape-recordings at the late 70th.
INSPIRIT shamcd3  (1999)
A FIRMER WILL shamcd02  (1999)
all lyrics by Rose Ausländer from the book: The forbidden Tree. Now including a bonus CD! Thus all Songs composed from Shamani with lyrics from Rose Ausländer are completely assembled. Art-Pop.  Now available as free download.
KIRMESGEISTER shamcd01  (1999)
Experimental Music